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Published Artworks

Ojalart, Art Magazine, Quarterly, Montana (reg.), USA

Open: Journal of Arts & Letters (O:JA&L)

A new multi-platform arts journal available in print, online & through most hand-held devices

11 online publications  March 2022, August 2020, April 2019, July & December 2018

–  Three published painting, March 2022 

"Passage VI, VII & VIII" accompanying Christine Hamm's proses

"The Latest Articulation Errors",

"[How to Finish the End Paper]" & "Persephone in the Tunnel of Love"

–  Two published photos ("Accès 0 & 2"), August 2020 

Accompanying Radoslav Rochallyi's poems "so quietly ≠ so noiselessly" and "πing"

–  Two published picto-montages ("PAoN 1 & 17"), April 2019  

Accompanying James Roderick Burns's poems "Crow" and "Horned shadows"

–  Three published paintings, December 2018  

"Passage I" accompanying Amber Shockley's poem "Domestic Astronomy"

"Dragon of Time" & "Pyramids" accompanying Travis Stephens' poems "16th of September" & "one less"

–  One published photo ("LiTe 3 2/2") accompanying Alice Pettway's poem "Translation", July 2018  

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Central pages, Art magazine, Strasbourg, France

"Agrippine doit mourir", numéro 19, 2014, 1st semester

Two published paintings, pages 18 & 19 (central)

Independent Art magazine, Strasbourg, France

ISSN : 1958 - 37371  – 2014 –


Group Exhitions

Dis-Integrating, a Tribute to Dark Wave

11th February – 25th March 2017, GreenLion Studios, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Four displayed photos

Link 1 (gallery's announcement) - Link 2 (fb announcement) 


10th-11th-12th April 2015, Galerie Jean Greset, Besançon, France

Benefit exhibition, French Cancer League

Two displayed photos

Ateliers Ouverts

8th – 9th & 15th – 16th May 2010, Zone d’Art, Strasbourg, France

Nine displayed paintings

Hua Peintures. Rencontre franco-chinoise

17th Avril – 1st May 2010

Galerie éphémère (Ephemeral Gallery) du 46 rue du Jeu des Enfants, Strasbourg, France

"Painting (Chinese) Paintings. French-Chinese Meeting"

Two displayed paintings 

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